Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tiger Mutherfuckin' Knee! Get tae fuck ye cunt!

Spamming fucking bastards!

Finally got my combos going, gettign a number of wins and then fuck. As soon as one person's done it, the unimaginitive 15 year old American twats all start doing it.

Not griefing on them but when every fucker online is Sagat, it's mad fucking dull.

Sagat: Cheap wanker

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DrHamHock said...

Tip: Start a game with a known felon. Stay perfectly still. Allow them to hit you with no retaliation until just before the final few bars of energy on the final round.

Then disconnect. Laughing. Knowing that they never had the joy of knowing whether they would beat you in a fair match or not. Then repeat, blaming a "poor connection".

Then repeat.

It's my ball.