Friday, 12 September 2008

Samba de Amigo Week: Artist profile Ricky Martin

The only thing I knew about Ricky Martin was that he did some crap songs which were somehow made into greatness by a monkey in a Sombrero.

Now I know more.

  • He's been nominated twice for "The Most Beautiful Person in the World Award"

  • He's a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF

  • He headlined Dubya's election campaign party

  • His mum is an accountant

His contribution to the Samba track listing was The Cup of Life and Livin' la Vida loca.

Just a couple of things really. Who the fuck won The Most Beautiful Person in the World Award? What on earth does a goodwill ambassador do, clear away land mines with a blast of She bangs?


Ricky Martin + Samba de Amigo = Goodness

Ricky martin solus pack = Shit music with an accountant for a mum

Next: Quincy Jones

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