Thursday, 11 September 2008

Samba de Amigo: How the fuck...

Did this completely slip past me?

It was only yesterday I was crowing about having nothing to play on the only machine that I have working at the moment.

What the fuck was I on? How the hell could I have not remebered that this is coming out. This month. Next-fucking-Thursday. Raaaaagggghrghrgrhgrhrghgrhrgh.

And so begins, Samba week!

We'll be taking a long hard look at artisits featured in Samba de Amigo. We'll root out their real motivations for working with Sega, their, likes, their loves and what their favourite fucking biscuit is.

Arriba el sombrero!

I'm glad that PG tips for monkeys doing cool shit. Otherwise this would never have happened !

Tomorrow: Ricky martin

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