Monday, 29 September 2008

Samba de Amigo: Heartbreak

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I've been in mourning.

I kept dreaming as I was reading that.

Please just be that things have moved on. Please just be that they don't like Ricky Martin. Please let it be that rhythm games have changed since Rock Band and Guitar Hero entered the market. Let it be anything but that one little thing that's been gnawing away at my soul since I heard Sega were redoing it.

Let it be that the primary colours hurt the reviewer's eyes, let it be that the dancing monkey went against the reviewer's PETA like sensibilities. Let it be anything but that, please, for the sake of the children, the starving and the afflicted. Anything. But that.


The controls are fucked!

Review = 5/10

Games that can make you smile like a chimp: -1

"You broke my heart Fredo"

It's a sad day. What's there left to look forward to? Brown Space Marines 2?

Friday, 12 September 2008

Samba de Amigo Week: Artist profile Ricky Martin

The only thing I knew about Ricky Martin was that he did some crap songs which were somehow made into greatness by a monkey in a Sombrero.

Now I know more.

  • He's been nominated twice for "The Most Beautiful Person in the World Award"

  • He's a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF

  • He headlined Dubya's election campaign party

  • His mum is an accountant

His contribution to the Samba track listing was The Cup of Life and Livin' la Vida loca.

Just a couple of things really. Who the fuck won The Most Beautiful Person in the World Award? What on earth does a goodwill ambassador do, clear away land mines with a blast of She bangs?


Ricky Martin + Samba de Amigo = Goodness

Ricky martin solus pack = Shit music with an accountant for a mum

Next: Quincy Jones

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Samba de Amigo: How the fuck...

Did this completely slip past me?

It was only yesterday I was crowing about having nothing to play on the only machine that I have working at the moment.

What the fuck was I on? How the hell could I have not remebered that this is coming out. This month. Next-fucking-Thursday. Raaaaagggghrghrgrhgrhrghgrhrgh.

And so begins, Samba week!

We'll be taking a long hard look at artisits featured in Samba de Amigo. We'll root out their real motivations for working with Sega, their, likes, their loves and what their favourite fucking biscuit is.

Arriba el sombrero!

I'm glad that PG tips for monkeys doing cool shit. Otherwise this would never have happened !

Tomorrow: Ricky martin

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Summer Games Drought

What a fucking state of affairs.

The summer drought is usually bad as all the idiots line up their cool shit for Christmas. This year however takes the biscuit.

It's been a shite couple of weeks for gaming, my 360 is still fucked, my DS died and I'm near the end of Super Paper Mario. When I'm done with that I've got fuck all interesting on the horizon until SFIV, Deathtank on XBLA and KOFXII.

What shit.

When I do get my 360 sorted I suppose I should try that Braid thing although it seems far too up its own arse for me.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone but I got one of Konami's latest masterpieces and I can confirm it's pretty fucking cool.