Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Guitar Hero vs. School: Who wins, You decide.

So there's this guy callled Blake. He's pretty good at Guitar Hero. He's good enough that his parents have taken him out of school so that he can concentrate on killer riffs and all that.

I came across this on RLLMUK here. What I don't get is why they're all fucking whining about bad parenting and all that. The kid still gets home schooling and gets to play guitar hero and earn a few extra quid.

What's fucking wrong with that? Absolutely fuck all that's what.

Go Blake, The Idiot salutes you and your flaming finger power!

Prick (only out of jealosy mind, I can't do anything on expert)


Anonymous said...

Hey man go beat off or something worth your time. He didn't drop out he is homeschooled. And its not just to play guitar hero, its gaming in general. Its what he loves to do. Maybe know what your talking about before you say something retarded like this.

The Idiot said...

Hey dude,

Thanks for the cheery comment. Just a couple of points really.

1. I already did beat off and it was ace.

2. I say that he's homeschooled.

3. Did you actually read my post? Did you, go on tell me. If you did, the next question is did you understand what I wrote?

Did the meaning of the words on the page make their way through your puberty addled half-brain and form some sort of comprehension?

I've written it again in different words for you below. If you still don't understand what I've written, I suggest starting or going back to shcool, as it's really pretty simple.

A guys gets to play games for a living.

Lots of guys whine about it on the internet.

Contrarily,I say "Good for him" and wonder what all the fuss is about.

I then admit to being jealous of his guitar hero skills.

Got it yet?

Dr. Blogstein said...

For an Idiot, you're pretty smart. This is more of an indictment of how bad education and schools are these days than the Peebles parenting skills.

The Idiot said...

Why shucks...You're great too. And you're spot on about the point I was trying to make.

It just seems that some peeople don't get it.