Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Dance Dance Immolation

Fuck me. This looks cool.

Not only is it DDR. There are no schoolkids in sight and the immaciated emo teengaers seem to have taken the day off too. It's DDR with huge fuckoff jets of flames that roast you if you fuck up.

The best use of a Steps tune ever

Simply amazing stuff. Fuck knows where you find a cabinet and that but I need to play this. Now.

More cool shit over at the main site.

Guitar Hero vs. School: Who wins, You decide.

So there's this guy callled Blake. He's pretty good at Guitar Hero. He's good enough that his parents have taken him out of school so that he can concentrate on killer riffs and all that.

I came across this on RLLMUK here. What I don't get is why they're all fucking whining about bad parenting and all that. The kid still gets home schooling and gets to play guitar hero and earn a few extra quid.

What's fucking wrong with that? Absolutely fuck all that's what.

Go Blake, The Idiot salutes you and your flaming finger power!

Prick (only out of jealosy mind, I can't do anything on expert)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Who needs fucking pixels anyway?

While out looking roung shops I found these blinging Lego characters.

I think they're fucking cool.

WTF is the Chanel one?

All we need now is some socially inept Aspergers gamer to make a few levels out of Lego. We could then control it all marrionette style in real time.

It'd still be better than half the shit that's come out recently...Bratz Kidz Party I'm looking at you...you shovelware shit.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Georgia vs. Russia: Death Tank Extravaganza XBLA

Fuck off with your real killing machines and death dealing vodka bottles...Just kill the shit out of each other wiith Death Tanks.

The best multi-fucking-player game ever (Warlords notwithstanding) is now in for an arcade release.

Get in.

Bagsy be the Russians, that kid in the corner with no thumbs, you're Georgia.

Independence eh? Check out the size of my tanks then think again

Monday, 11 August 2008

Fuck Anne Diamond! Peggle FTW!


I've concluded that Anne Diamond is a bit dull. Instead of writing about her for a week I went on hols with Cakemix instead.

Sorry for the lack of updates but hey. Sunshine and grub wins out every time.

So, I would be playing braid at the moment to see what everyone is jizzing themselves over but I'm still in RRoD hell so it's DS and Wii stuff all the way.

So, recommend me something that's more fun than fatasising about Peggle DS. Which I'm doing a lot.

Anne Diamond: Shit and boring

Peggle DS: Much better than Anne Diamond but less opportunity for cot-death jokes

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Anne Diamond week: Saturday

OK, so I missed yesterday.

That's mainly because there's fuck all to say about Anne that isn't blatantly obvious.

So I thought I'd be blatantly obvious. There's something weird about Anne Diamond's weight. It fucking skyrockets and plummets on a regular basis. At the moment she's endorsing some plastic surgery, gastric band type shit. Looking at the pic below, would you fucking get one?

Yes, that's about as interesting as it gets. Christ.

This is starting to get really hard now and it's only second update. Where's my cosplay animal fucking?

Just eat fucking soup truffle-chops

And I've still not made a cot-death joke. Yet.