Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Day 2 in the cosplay week house: Edmund Honda

They're not all going to be Street Fighter updates but gag me...I couldn't not use this fucking gem.

Hundred hand fapp!

I can't see any other cosplayers around, the place looks like a train station and he's clearly on his way back from Tesco (hence the carrier bag).

That means that this guy dresses like this normally. I think that this is a truly great piece of cosplay.

It takes Sumo wrestlers years to get to their size and keep the weight on. This guy went through that to not even be a wrestler but to dress up as a fictional one. That's dedication (R.I.P. Roy Castle).

I'm not sure why the other people are all looking the other way...This guy is clearly greatness embodied. Even if he does have a bit of a farmer's tan.

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