Thursday, 31 July 2008

Anne Diamond week: Thursday

The six degrees of Iain Lee.

So after extensive research (a look on wikipedia while having a shit) it seems that Anne's been a busy lady. I didn't know it, but she had a show an LBC with Tommy Boyd - The really rubbish one off Wac-a-Day.

That's the same radio station that Iain ' is it Ghostbusters 2?, crappy Renault Clio, Thumb Bandits' Lee had a show on. That's two different people I've written about who have a very tenuous connection. The planets must be in alignment.

They do have their differences though, one I quite like, the other one made me fucking angry.

Either way, there's not nearly enough dirt on Anne Diamond as I was hoping for. So for fuck's sake, help me out and send in something, anything, about cosplay beastiality so I can end this ill-chosen 'week'.

Oh, and I'm far too nice to make cot-death jokes

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