Monday, 14 July 2008


Today we have...Bison or Balrog for the two readers from the east (cheers Google analytics).

Let's have a closer look. This guy is probably in his early twenties and works in IT. To be fair he's made a reasonable stab at this costume though. Fair enough.


He's got a lot of cardboard going on. You wonder why until you see the scuffed Reebok clasics indicating he's either from Chingford or Selly Oak. So he probably just pulled down his window coverings.

Note that he's used the red parcel tape from the same coverings to finish off his hat too. He truly is the Eco (world) Warrior

The orange prison outfit works pretty well. He may as well get extra use out of it after his stretch for unpaid parking tickets.

I'm loving the pose improvisation with the sneaky addition of a hadouken even though Bison doesn't do them.

The best thing about this though is the FUCKING CARPET! Look at it, go on! Under the sofa on the right there's a cartoon of Noseybonk and the rest of the pattern is just so, you know, like out there dude.

Usually, casual observers are great for little observations, but these guys are obviously used to some chap dressing up like a fictional dictator and making funny actions. These guys couldn't give a shit if a guy's making a fool out of himself right in front of them.

They're far too busy looking to see if the burger queue is any shorter...

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