Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Rez HD and the Return of the Prick

So, I finally got to squeeze in some Rez time whilst doing laundry. It's all that I had hoped for and more. Stick the additional controller on your nut-sack and you're away.

Happy times.

It's now OK to have a hard-on and play games at the same time without the use of hentai dating sims

In other news I've now got to fight Dugog again on DS. This time he's even harder as I made a right balls-up of character class and spell choice. God he's a fucking prick. I can't belive how unbalanced he is as the first boss in the game.

He can join masterfoods in the 3.30 cunty-stakes at Chepstow.

If the instant action is fuck right off. Dugog can pick that option.

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