Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Christ! My eyes...It's extreme.

Well I was feeling royally fucked off this morning so I used my ten second lunch break to order this work of shroom-chomping genius.

Mmmm White Rabbit

Space Invaders Extreme looks fucking lovely and a bit of a headfuck. Just the kind of thing that I like.

Oh, and it doesn't give whiny Minter any cash towards his bandwidth so he can fell us all to fuck off. I'll let you know if it weans me off my puzzle quest habit.

Oh and as it's coming from Japan you can expect a mega-rant about getting stung by the cunts at customs.

In anticipation of a invoice, they can fuck off now. Come back in a bit, and fuck off all over again when they charge me.

Friday, 22 February 2008

ZOMFG! King of Fighters XII

What with yesterday's SF4 video and now this it looks like I'm danger of turning into something that looks a bit like Dot Cotton. All my bodily fluids are leaving me through the end of my cock in the form of jizz.

My favourite game ever has been given a lovey HD spin and update and it looks fucking lovely. Watch the video and decide. To me this is the best thing ever (nearly). If it plays OK and makes it onto a console I can finally ebay my Neo Geo stuff.

Just look at the video, go on. It's nearly even better than midget scat porn. Pics stolen from 1up.

Wankity wank spurt

Wipe cock clean on trousers. Wankity wank spurt

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Oh my christ - Call a jizzmopper. Quickly!

I've just watched some new Street Fighter 4 footage from GDC.

How fucking cool does that look? Knowing my luck it'll be PS3 only. Fucking Sony pricks.

Crimson Viper looks to have been following this young lady's thigh workout. Mmmmm.

More stuff here

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The cunt and La-La Land

Managed to get the resident fucker down to 20 hit points this morning on the tube and then he pulls out one his cuntish 100+ killing combos. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

I wish I could find him walking the streets and shove him under a bus.

In other news I'm off to LA tomorrow for fun sunshine and in-laws. I can't wait.

Might be a bit quiet but you can console yourself that I'll be going to the In-and-Out Burger and riding some Carribean Pirate's massive vessels.

The dude will certainly abide

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Rez HD and the Return of the Prick

So, I finally got to squeeze in some Rez time whilst doing laundry. It's all that I had hoped for and more. Stick the additional controller on your nut-sack and you're away.

Happy times.

It's now OK to have a hard-on and play games at the same time without the use of hentai dating sims

In other news I've now got to fight Dugog again on DS. This time he's even harder as I made a right balls-up of character class and spell choice. God he's a fucking prick. I can't belive how unbalanced he is as the first boss in the game.

He can join masterfoods in the 3.30 cunty-stakes at Chepstow.

If the instant action is fuck right off. Dugog can pick that option.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Itsa not justa me!

Thank fuck. I'm not losing my mind, other people think Dolmio ads are "slightly racist".

They are posts from the Internet though so could have been written by any nutter. Either way, this time I like the guys from the internet because they agree with me.

Just so I can put an image in every post here's another monstrously bad header from the fucktards at Masterfoods.

Q: Who can get fucked?
A: Masterfoods

It's not just Italians either. Loads of people have beef with them on racism.

This is the last post about Masterfoods for a while now. I'll be back to games and swearing for the hell of it soon.

And this twat can fuck off too