Thursday, 31 January 2008

Itsa Me! Racist Sterotype!

Fuck off Dolmio.

Take your racist steroetypes and fuck off. Go and peddle your overpriced mashed up tomatoes to some other fucker.

This pizza-eating, scooter-riding, bum-pinching fuck nut isn't buying it.

Justa like Mamma used to mayka!

Oh my christ! I've just had a look at their site. The title of the site is, and I shit you not "When'sa Your Dolmio Day?". No that isn't a typo, it's some twat copywriter in an agency being incompetent.


Look. Here's a header from the site to show you that I'm not making this up.

One finger of your twix belongs up your arse, the other down your cock hole

Masterfoods are wankers. And Mars bars are shite.


Mr Xboxer said...

Crikey, a genuine link to Xboxer.


The Idiot said...


Feel free to link back too if you want ;-)